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April 2015

Kona Kampachi

Team @lafayette380 cooking up some Rotisserie lamb and cheesecake today cc: @lock

28+5 is the age we put on these Prime Strip Steaks at The Dutch


@jasehua @tshirtvoting

Ruby Red Shrimp @thedutchnyc

Old gamay gets Burgundy-like with age...

@chefjgv is my favorite.

France makes good juice .... 1980 Chave

Pranzo @barprimi

#OG's #lafamiglia


Old home week.....

Essential Maine fashion by @olliesthirsty #downeast

Congrats @emilyiguchi & Patrick !!!!!

Made a friend....

Serious choices...

Kid owns the corner....

Crawfish Dumpling!

Beast crew !! Mad love@thedutchnyc is 4 years old

️Fat Cat

Oh nice on the terrace @lafayette380 today

Work stuff at Evening Bar ....

When you go to Nice, Vence, Grasse and Antibes in the Cotes d'Azur you see these small pasta shops. That Italian influence is strong there. Usually you'll see small ravioli Nicoise or ravioli filled with arugula and chèvre sold there.  @lafayette380 we made some chèvre ravioli with asparagus on the Spring menu now

Laser tag

Behind the scenes....

Happy Birthday  @jenjackojonesmangino27 years ago tonight... Cc @hmessal

Hello old friend...

This guy must love bacon #495

Scene from last nights Winemakers International dinner @astorcenter

What's better than Swift?


Party Crew #bookit


Brunch @thedutchnyc #thedutch

Hey we're at @thedutchnyc #SOHO

Morning Buns available at The Bakery @lafayette380

That day after tax day feeling

@lafayette380 tonight .....


At @locandaverde with some of my favorite people @gwen_hyman @ebcnewyork @sachsmo

This is a Golden Enoki Mushroom #opps

@Nytfood breaks down THE SANDWICH @barprimi in their epic sandwich section today @salnapoli

Broccolini tempura with mustard at Little Park for spring menu

State of affairs

After 10 or so years working together we put @olliesthirsty in front of the camera

Super proud of my wife's book, Thinking on the Page that came out today. If you need to write ANYTHING, she will help you with this book @gwen_hyman

Getting home fast....GAME OF THRONES!!#winteriscoming

Hey @greenportbrew is pouring our Little Park Double IPA at the tasting  room on Peconic Lane #NOFO

FYI @mu_ramen is the bomb. Thanks JoshDutch Kills night cap#LICopps

Chef D$, Bill, Corey, Kumiko, Louis and me making Spring menu changes @locandaverde

Brunch at The Dutch means Eggs with Kimchi Fried Rice and Smoked Pork Belly

Desperate times call for desperate measures ...

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes at my place @locandaverde

Oh yeah, Donuts @lafayette 380

Evening Bar, Best of New York @nymag

RIP Roscoe P Coltrane, may you get those Duke boys .....

Super proud of my partner at NOHO and friend Luke Ostrom on his @crainsnewyork 40 under 40

Someone found the lobster mountain

Game time. Tanaka on the mound #yanks

Verranzano dreams.... #nyc

@thedutchmiami Crew + Vibes

Ceviche, traditional style @thedutchmiami

Ceviche, traditional style @thedutchmiami

Outdoor terrace day 1 at Lafayette #spring@Lafayette380

W on Miami Beach is the best

Outdoor terrace day 1 at Lafayette #spring@Lafayette380

W on Miami Beach is the best

Learning VOR from these guys #fuchsair

Learning VOR from these guys #fuchsair

Snap Pea Salad, Green Pea Curry, Herbs@thedutchnyc @jasehua #spring

Snap Pea Salad, Green Pea Curry, Herbs@thedutchnyc @jasehua #spring



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