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January 2015

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This is Anne. This is Evening Bar. #NYC #Tribeca

The American biscuit is a thing of beauty and part of the food story in this country. It's been on the menu since day one served with our fried chicken for lunch, brunch and Monday nights @thedutchnyc pic by @summerathena

Last brave souls at @thedutchnyc tonight as we shut it down because after 11 PM you better be inside

Winning the game #nowords

Partners .....#NOHO


Honored to work with these people #OG #NOHO

Last Stop Inn

40/40 Club

My brother turned 40....




The Midwest is frozen

The Midwest is frozen

It's #NationalPieDay. Whatever the hell that isSo here is 3 years of strong #piegame @TheDutchNYC @TheDutchMiami @summerathena @joshgripper @kierinbaldwin


Party Life #bookit

@lafayette380 something about chunks of warm house smoked salmon and toasted brioche #butter

2005 #refreshments


Night out(part 2)

Going up? ....or down depending

Rolling in it #lire

BRUNCH menu is being served today @lafayette380Pic care of @bergdorfs

Big congrats to my amazing team @littleparknyc for the  review in New York Magazine from Adam Platt. Min Kong, Jen Luk, Anthony, Nadel, Christine and the whole crew !!!

Tribecavibes #nyc

10:30 AM #nyc

Hey, it's @thedutchnyc

My friend says these guys in Spain stole my restaurant name. What do you want to do @salnapoli ???

Delicious and healthy Little Park Muffins from chef Jen made with New York State organic grains. Every day @littleparknyc

I love this stuff

Foie Gras, citrus, amaretti #locandaverde

Awesome pic of the Prime RIb at @lafayette380 in the Times today. We serve it every Sunday and Monday night #boeuf

Ad for Tin Palace which was Jazz Club in 70's early 80's at 335 Bowery which is now @barprimi

This is what happens when you hang out with French chefs

Ode au Cassoulet.....!

Want a Martini now

Good old good 70's fun tonight. Quincy Jones soundtrack a plus

Current mood

Hyperdrive of Celery

This is how the bread at Little Park looks before rising. Organic rye flour from Champlain Milling upstate NY and Spent grains from our Little Park Double Imperial IPA

This is happening @thedutchnyc for brunch this weekend



I stole this from someone else but it's so great

I thought this Green Room was VIP?@chefcapon

If you can't find Little Park just follow this guy #VIp #nyc

Italian cooking is part of the American cooking lexicon so at @thedutchnyc we are making Cappellacci

We  Philippe Bertineau !!!

Hanging out.....#france @olliesthirsty @bubs001

It's cold outside. I'm eating a Cassoulet "bertrand chemel" @lafayette380 tonight

Snowy NYC

Back to #nyc and damn it's good to have brunch @barprimi

Epic day on the Gulf!!

RIP Mario

Huge ups to all our teams at The Dutch, Lafayette, Locanda Verde, The Dutch in Miami, Joes Pub and The Library, Bar Primi and Little Park. Here is to an awesome 2015 and thanks for a great 2014#flipagram made with @flipagram

A New Year's Day traditionThe Sarasota Sand Bowl

In a pinch, a toasted hot dog bun with Ossetra and Smoked Salmon is tasty #opps

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