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October 2014

Let's do it

Not only did these nut jobs @jasehua @thedutchnyc dress as Ninja Turtles but they delivered pizzas to our friends in the neighborhood  including @dominiqueansel

My kitchen @thedutchnyc

@thedutchnyc my crew @jasehua

Happy Halloween @barprimi

Halloween @thedutchnyc

Hey, it's kale!


@barprimi @salnapoli

Rose Hips USQ #jam

Streets NYC

Lunch game @thedutchnycFall 2014 edition

RIP Jack Bruce. One of the greats. Listen to the outro of Crossroads and his bass lines there.

Late night arguments....

Some the dishes from my new place opening in November called Little Park in today's T Magazine


This is @locandaverdenyc Made by hand every day


Oddisee #rainynightmusic


#nofilter Brooklyn

This is how you open a hotel #opps #pro

Cast Iron #NYC


My favorite corner @lafayette380

Squash flotsam ....

Fresh calamindin from California @TheDutchNYC

I love that places like this still exist in a changing NYC. New York Nautical Instrument & Service Corp on Church Street

@jojo_son took this great pic of our Foie Gras crostini @locandaverde

Join the team! Email me

That's how you know fall is really here. Matsutaki from Maine on special soon @thedutchnyc from @evantheforager @jasehua

It's happening #trufflepalooza @locandaverde

Today was good day. Me @jpickard44 and James took out 3 generations @porsche . The 1964 356 , a 1974 911 RS and a 2013 911.

Join us!! Trufflepalooza starts tomorrow at Locanda Verde. It's a little different this year as the season is great, so we are not doing one night but white truffle specials every night!!!

Fried Chicken @thedutchnyc tonight and every Monday


@foodtographer took this great shot of the Fiori di Carciofi @locandaverde

Cute... We match @aprilbloomfield

In deep...

Lunch with some smart people..

@locandaverde 9PM

James with the spent grains. We are making our table bread at Little Park from these grains #local #organic #sustainable

Today we are at Greenport Brewery w John and the crew making a Double IPA for my new place Little Park opening later this year.

Hot buttered...

Little piggy @lafayette380

Field trip !!!

Honored to speak with NYC legends Lou Di Palo, Lydia Bastianch, Leonard Lopate and David Bouley tonight

Getting warmed up @locandaverde

Monday jams....

This girl @emilyiguchi deserves massage after #bikemsnyc on a fixie #beastmode

Team NOHO today riding for #bikemsnyc #jointhrmovement@jasehua @jpickard44 @gwenhyman @wackiejackie7 @emilyiguchi @levitjones


#woof-woof @lafayette380

Soft opening....

Soft opening....

Mid-Atlantic Mahi Mahi direct from Montauk @thedutchnyc

Mid-Atlantic Mahi Mahi direct from Montauk @thedutchnyc

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