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“Just point to anything on the menu and expect your friends to share it all with you — lamb-meatball sliders with goat cheese; big, fat gigantoni pasta with Carmellini’s rich Sunday-night ragù and sharp provolone; succulent, fatty suckling pig. And on temperate New York nights, Locanda Verde opens its windows and puts tables on the sidewalk, becoming part of one of Manhattan’s last true neighborhoods, TriBeCa”

Locanda Verde Best New Restaurant 2009

-- John Mariani

“It’s the kind of dish whose complexity inspires respect for its maker.”

-- Amanda Hesser

“The pastas showcase Carmellini’s spirit and skill—ethereal robiola-cheese ravioli, with tomatoes; maltagliati, randomly torn sheets of perfectly done pasta, tossed with pesto; creamy lemon risotto, rescued from monotony by vibrant chili oil and chives.”

-- Shauna Lyon

“Carmellini, who eventually freed himself from the open kitchen, an “AC” dotting his galley whites, to get his ring kissed. The A-List chef as the star, with the A-ist customer and the A-ist owner in supporting roles. That’s a formula other celebrities could imitate, one that merits De Niro some applause.”

-- Randall Lane

Making your own ricotta is incredibly satisfying and surprisingly simple. Here are step-by-step instructions and recipes that will showcase your cheesemaking skill.

-- Andrew Carmellini, How to make your own fresh ricotta

Locanda Verde: The best breakfast in New York?

“Who knew that an Italian restaurant in Tribeca would produce New York’s best breakfast?”

-- Ed Levine

The End (of the Bowl) Is Near:

We asked for a wintry recipe, and he gave us one inspired by Friuli, the cold, mountainous region where his nonna was born.

-- Andrew Carmellini’s End of Winter Pasta Recipe

For De Niro’s Hotel, Another Try at Dining

“Duck meatballs are dead,”

-- Oliver Schwaner-Albright

Andrew Carmellini: Two Stars & Perfectly Happy

-- Jenny Comita

“Locanda Verde’s ambience and service are incongruously warm. The food is so flat-out seductive—and reasonably priced—you understand quickly why so many diners are clamoring, like asylum-seekers escaping a war zone, up near the front door (the restaurant is undoubtedly this summer’s big hit).”

-- Jay Cheshes

“Faced with some downtime between gigs, Andrew Carmellini did what no New York chef has ever done: He started cooking”

-- Best cookbooks of 2008, Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld

“If you love Italian food—and who doesn’t?—you’ll want to have a look at this stunning new book from one of New York City’s most exciting chef-and-writer teams.”

-- Diane Abrams

“Carmellini’s Italian grandmother lived 35 miles from Nonino, so grappa flows in his blood”

-- Aleksandra Crapanzano

“Just admit it, Andrew Carmellini’s inspired inspirations are better than your Grandmother’s”

-- Adam Platt

Few chefs are as adept at playing the high and low ends of the New York restaurant spectrum as Andrew Carmellini. … In 2009, he won over stomachs by tapping into his inner Italian grandma at Locanda Verde, where he conjured up a roster of Old Country dishes so lusty, so rich and with such big flavors that you clamored to taste his cooking.

-- Chef of the Year 2010, Time Out New York

Locanda Verde is an Italian restaurant in New York City that has only been open a year but has already received glowing reviews and a devoted clientele. Chef Andrew Carmellini has a cookbook out called “Urban Italian.” He spoke with Slashfood about his cooking philosophy and favorite dish to eat.

-- Nicki Gostin, Slash/Food

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