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Now Carmellini’s come full circle at just-opened The Dutch, an explicitly American restaurant which celebrates American cuisine circa 2011.

Ed Levine

-- Serious Eats

It’s getting late but it’s easy to like The Dutch and kind of hard to leave. “Same as before?” someone asks. Yes: One more Barrel Aged Brooklyn cocktail. Which come to think of it was yesterday’s nightcap too. It’s good to be a regular.  


Adam Sachs

-- Bon App

Andrew Carmellini has already mastered refined French cuisine; now he draws crowds to his Tribeca restaurant with rustic, modern Italian cooking. But make no mistake: The man also knows ribs.

-- Men’s Health

Rear Views, Downtown

“the heartbeat of New York,”

-- New York Times

At the Dutch, Mr. Carmellini’s forthcoming restaurant set to open mid-December, he will showcase America’s culinary landscape with dishes that take cues from Korean BBQ joints in Los Angeles and roadside pancake houses in the Midwest.

-- WSJ

For his third Slow Food Fast column, Mr. Carmellini created a turnip and rutabaga gratin laced with Vermont maple syrup. The surprising addition of syrup works to mellow the turnip’s bitter notes and bring out the rutabaga’s buttery flavor.

-- WSJ

For his second of four Slow Food Fast contributions, Mr. Carmellini has adapted his grilled radicchio recipe from “Urban Italian.”

-- WSJ

Andrew Carmellini wants to be New York City’s chef next door. Despite a Michelin star, two James Beard awards and 20-plus years at some of the city’s finest restaurants, the Cleveland native is happiest cooking unfussy food.

-- WSJ

Andrew Carmellini Solves Your Risotto Problems. And Goes Dutch

-- GQ

Best American Regional Classic Recipes

To research regional American dishes for his upcoming Manhattan restaurant, chef Andrew Carmellini road-tripped around the country in search of spectacular flavors—and found just a few good ones. So he set out to invent his own.

-- Kate Krader

13 Chefs reveal their culinary battle scars

-- New York Times

“I’ve long admired Chef Andrew Carmellini of Locanda Verde. His cookbook, Urban Italian, is a staple in my kitchen, and I’m eager to check out his new restaurant, The Dutch, which is due to open this fall. So I was thrilled to attend a cooking class with Carmellini at the New York Culinary Experience this weekend.”

-- Serious Eats

“a little bit old school, a little bit O.G., a little bit Damon Runyonesque”

-- NYT Diners Journal

-- Wall Street Journal

He’s done French. He’s done Italian. Next up for the classically trained chef: American food without boundaries.

-- NY Mag Fall Preview 2010

Verde Delicious
With Andrew Carmellini at the stove, De Niro’s second try at the Greenwich Hotel hits the bull’s-eye.

“This kind of crowd-pleasing cooking isn’t designed to win culinary awards, of course. It’s designed to promote a good time in a casually stylish, relatively economical way, and judging by the crowds of people who are bull-rushing into De Niro’s new restaurant, it’s succeeding”

-- Adam Platt, New York Magazine

Best New Chef

Recipes made easy

-- Food and Wine Magazine

After leaving his job at a top U.S. French restaurant, chef Andrew Carmellini lived in Italy, then devised recipes with wife Gwen Hyman in their tiny New York apartment kitchen. The result? Great ideas for the home cook.

-- Best Cookbooks 2008, People Magazine

“It’s exactly the kind of restaurant New York needed in a year when everything else was heading in the wrong direction,”

“That is, delicious, smart, consistent food that makes me happy, is easy to share and doesn’t ask too much of my brain or wallet.”

-- Forbes

“My Grandmother’s Ravioli is a valentine to its creator, a fresh wash of tomato sauce and a dusting of Parmesan on delicate squares of meat-filled pasta. “Lucky grandson,” I think to myself.”

-- Tom Siestema, The Washington Post

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