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We can’t stay quiet. Let’s be the loudest voices. Let’s make them listen. Sign the petition at the link in my bio and call 202-224-3121 #toosmalltofail #saveamericasrestaurants

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Call this morning with Whitehouse representatives from these fast food companies for hospitality business relief Where are independent operators for mid to small businesses? Because we have no National Lobby we have no voice here. Stay tuned

These are the commercial airlines in the air as of 10:47 today as from Flight Radar. 1. How are all these flights allowed in the air, jamming people together and crowding airports? Completely undercuts all the social distancing work we're all doing. 2. Why are we talking about airline bailouts first as apposed to restaurants & hospitality? 3. Read article @nytimes in bio

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Time to do what we can with what we have that we can use. Chef @jasonreichenhua @thedutchnyc just donated @cityharvestnyc #help #chefs #newyorkcity

I am late getting the story out here, but I wanted to update you. The last 5 days have been the most traumatic of my 30-year cooking career in NYC. Closing one restaurant is hard. Closing 11 at once is unfathomably difficult.  A lifetime of teamwork, and millions of breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners, parties, and weddings, just--stopped. As this crisis developed, we had hoped to be able to find a way of staying open—giving our community a sanctuary and keeping our teams working—while keeping everybody safe. We worked nonstop to address the effects of COVID 19 and react in the best way possible. As things progressed, our plans changed by the hour. But it was impossible. We began closing restaurants last Thursday, and we have been steadily closing down our spaces since then. Now it's done. All of our restaurants, bars, pubs and event spaces are closed.Time to hunker down, be the best leader I can be, and look forward to the day we can get back to cooking for you and serving you. Hope it’s very soon. In the meantime, take care of yourselves and be strong.

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Fluffy Mandarin Soufflé @lafayette380 in @bloombergbusiness @kkrader takes the edge off life. Pastry chef @tyleratwell1 Link in bio to article #souffle #soulfood #french

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