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September 2016

Paccheri with Sunday Night Ragu and Provolone Picante @locandaverde On the menu since day one #classic style

More Fall dessert action from @summerathena @thedutchnyc Citrus Meringue Pie with Lemon-Mint Sherbet

"Green Apple Pie"Part of @tyleratwell1 incredible new fall desserts @lafayette380 starting next week

Mister Dips

Potatoes stuffed with Caviar at Westlight @thewilliamvale #barfood

Mister Dips opens at 4PM today@eatmisterdips

Mister Dips opens at 4 PM todayThanks for the pic @grubstreet

Mister Dips opens tonight at 4PM

Burger crew @eatmisterdips @chefconor @tony2woks Pic @lyonsmy #mrdips #misterdips

#partytime Mister Dips @eatmisterdips

Opening tomorrow at 4PM@eatmisterdips @thewilliamvale

The other night.... (Westlight)

Midnight cruisers


Mr Dips opens end of the week@eatmisterdips 1131

Mr. Dips opens later this week 😀

Been growing these peppers on the park @thewilliamvale for Leuca. Going to be drying them out soon for sauce making

Fellini just gave me some good advice for anyone watching the debate tonight


Happy Birthday to my #1 babe

The Blues Brothers: congrats to my bro Vince on this, the day of his wedding

In Colorado the band practices outside at 1 AM #bassplayer

Quarda que  Bella #nyc

Another incredible night ..... @amyvirginia @aguynamedpatrick @springstreetsocialsociety @thewilliamvale You pic was better @justinbreton


In the dark ages before smart phones Internet, Instagram, super-foodies i.e. 1994 I would use a quarter to trace a plate and take notes from dinners around the world. Here are my notes from El Bulli 1994 in the pre-chemical days #cooks #chefslife #education

Potatoes + Yuzu Hollandaise + Caviar #wedoparties #bookit #nohohospitality

@springstreetsocialsociety dinner tonight on the Roof of Westlight @thewilliamvale

Dr Dips opens next week Burgers, Dipped Cones, Good Vibes on the park @thewilliamvale Beats by AC (DJ lazerfingers)

Westlight nights@ffrenchles

@eatmisterdips opens next week

Chitarra Nero with Long Island Calamari Puttanesca #falltesting

New law in NY! We can now drink before 10 AM on Sunday! Bloody Mary's @thedutchnyc

@thisgirlcaneat took a  pic of the burger @thedutchnyc today

Leuca, our Italian place @thewilliamvale hotel coming together. The food will be southern Italian inspired, so think Sicily, Campania, Puglia, Calabria, Lazio, Abruzzo.

Breakfast @lafayette380 #nyc

Beet Gnocchi I made today #falltesting

My Grandmothers Ravioli made everyday @locandaverde

With the @gustiamo team

Longfellow Ave, Bronx New York City 10:45AM

Doughnuts @locandaverde #powerbreakfast

AC Today

Mr Dips opens Sept 29th@eatmisterdips @thewilliamvale

Psyched to be involved in one of the coolest projects ever. The @shinola hotel opens in 2018 in downtown Detroit #nohohospitality #detroit

These girls crushed it@gachotstudios

It was our dream......and it's happening Mr. Dips opens on September 29th at 4PM@eatmisterdips on the park


Doughnut trees @thedutchnyc @summerathena #goodmorning


Oyster Class @thedutchnyc with quest Dave Chapelle #oysterclass #lessons

Party time this afternoon @thewilliamvale #nohohospitality

Fat little beauty nuggets #recipetesting

Charred Eggplant Dumplings with Sweet Soy and Bonito. On the menu at Westlight @thewilliamvale in Brooklyn

Westlight nights


Mazel tov @ben.c0h3n #barmitzvah

We do weddings @thewilliamvale in Brooklyn.@emcat309

Showtime ! @joespub

Mom made a Chicken Terrine for lunch#technique #grandechef #og #master

Part of some of the stunning pastry work from @tyleratwell1 @lafayette380

New Team @lafayette380 ! Great things in coming year from pastry chef Tyler Atwell and chef Brain Naseworthy

Westlight opens tomorrow night @thewilliamvale hotel in Williamsburg Brooklyn

In the @foodandwine test kitchen today  making some stuff from the Leuca menu opening this fall @thewilliamvale in Brooklyn

Anthony Ricco, a NYC super OG and Greenpoint Brooklyn native is the chef at @thewilliamvale hotel helping us run the day to day and bringing some of his own style into the mix. Shrimp Cocktail Dumplings!@westlightbk opens tomorrow night

Welcome my friend to @thewilliamvale

8 Hands Farm Lamb Chops

Summer's over, back to work

Lunch !

Storm preparations underway

Still summer

It's going to be alright

Four Gras with Cornmeal Flapjacks and Late Summer Strawberries @thedutchnyc @jasehua @bornfresh #summer2016

Tonight @thedutchnyc Foie Gras, Cornmeal Pancake, Late Summer Steawberry @jasehua @bornfresh  #summer2016

Zucchini Flower Eggs for breakfast#icookforyougirl

Classics are classics for a reason !Oyster Ponds Berry Meringue Sandwich @northforktable #nofo

Good stuff

#crsipy #caviar #fancy

@salnapoli is in Miami all week cooking at the @barprimi pop up at @thedutchmiami for #miamispice2016 all September long#315 @adonayberns @chefgripper

Tomato Spaghetti @littleparknyc #summer2016

Still summer

NOHO Hospitality. We do parties. @emcat309 @lyonsmy

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