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August 2016


Chilled Watercress Soup with Smoked Creme Fraiche @littleparknyc

Westlight will open next week @thewilliamvale Westlight is a bar on a roof serving great cocktails and some groovy bar food @tony2woks @hamsterdance @tomasprado @chefconor

@thedutchnyc @jasehua cooking me amazing things to eat and pushing the restaurant forward everyday

This month's @foodandwine Best of Italy Issue, I made a bunch of Southern Italian inspired recipes, including this one: Grilled Rapini with Salsa Rossa on page 72

Ice Cream gangsters

Is it Mooses or Meese ?

Great hikes, bad coffee

Me and brother Vince ....biting off more than we should like usual

1 AM

A drinking game involving nails and a hammer. What can go wrong? #stumps

4:08 PM

Breck-Frisco-Keystone loop ⚰

Full red neck this weekend


Long Island Sunrise #3

Long Island Sunrise #2

On the rocks

Great things happening hereChocolate-Sprinkle Pancakes#chefs #cuisine

In the lab....


This weeks crew #sups

Long Island #sunrise

The drink of this summer was also the drink of last summer The Botanist Gin, Tonic, Yellow Cucumbers, Lemon Slice, Lemon Thyme

Who's going to take it AC or @joshuanadel ?

Restaurants are about 100,000 details. Many unseen. Sometime we get it right. Sometimes not. Never stop. Banquette prototype being tested here before we build them #nohohospitalitygroup

Dry Aged Prime Rib getting rubbed with  Herbs, Spice and Sea Salt #massagetherapy @lafayette380

Pool Party #2

Pool party !

Chu ToroToroMaguro Hama#latenightsancks

It's going down @sushinakazawa @jasehua

Practice ! #westlight Opening soooooooooon

Anne Robinson, 2016 Mixologist of the Year @foodandwine magazine. Proud to have her on the NOHO team. #westlight #eveningbar

" a cook, a cook can see "

OG's ....masters of their craft @thedutchnyc

New & Old @thedutchnyc classics tonight with #wsjplus @wsj #summer2016 #partytime

RFR with the win

Lunch menu today Chilled Heirloom Tomato Soup, Local Chevre and French Tarragon @lafayette380

Launch control on a 2017 @audi #r8 0-120 in 9.9 sec Let's try it out


Dear @audi thank you for making this R8 V10 beast. #summer2016 just got better #r8

Jump in

Double Rainbow NYC

All in the hands @lafayette380 @katcontrol #crossiants

Cured & Packed #mullet

Building restaurants.... #colortest #design

Don't underestimate the roasted radish

Lobster Summer Roll dreams #summer2016

Potatoes & Caviar#westlight

Hiring all cooks for our new restaurant in Williamsburg. Cook Well & Join the Team. @tony2woks @chefconor Email me

BLT Prep #summer2016


Brunch @barprimi #icy #frosato #frosé


Digging our new Thug Life cocktail glasses. #swag @hamsterdance

Have a great night #westlight

#powerlunch @eater_ny took a great shot of steak frites @lafayette380

Shrimp Cocktail Dumplings on the menu at Westlight. Westlight is a bar on the roof of the William Vale Hotel opening later this month in Brooklyn. Cocktails by Anne Robinson. Food by Chef Anthony RiccoA NOHO Hospitality joint/production@thewilliamvale

#wedoparties @lafayette380

25 years doing business with Franca Tantillo at Berried Treasures Farm

Local Tuna with Uni#westlight @thewilliamvale

Negroni always good idea

On that @thewilliamvale duty. We built a roof on a roof. #partytime

Team @littleparknyc

Nutmeg Fruit action tonight

design Northern-Southern