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June 2016

Team NOHO Hospitality #wedopartiesright

This 4th of July @thedutchnyc is throwing our the 5th annual Luau. Only the best in Hawaiian food culture and bomb ass Tiki drinks. It's a big day for us so if your in town come on down for some Kalua Pig and Maladadas #America

Nothing more fresh than a cooler of new equipment untouched #operations

We at @cccmanhattan doing it right @locandaverde crew@zac_moseley @michael_prichinello @mistressofmotors @chefconor @damianfranqui

Summer menu coming on @locandaverde

Night out with friends means ......

Happy when this comes to my door every week @stumptowncoffee @jfeldmania

We don't care about that #brexit

When cars had some style

I got to hang out with Bill Cunningham a bunch of times during the Le Cirque years but I didn't really understand who he was at the time. Since then I would see him on his bike here and there and would wave and yell " hey Bill" and he'd wave back #rip a New York legend

Long Island Stuff

For dinner tonight... Nice 10# Bass... Cut filets going in freezer for another day and going to tie the top filet with lemon and rosemary against the bone and hot smoke over charcoal and cherry.... Sauce going to make with brown butter,  basil, lemon and chopped picked ramps with their juice #summer2016

Don't let your parents come to town for 2 weeks and not do any work. Make them earn their keep #summer2016 #chores

The good stuff



5 sous chefs, who will be victorious? Battle Nicoise @lafayette380 right now

Carrot Risotto, Orange, Corriander, Local Feta @littleparknyc #summer2016

Recipe testing & tasting w Summer B @thedutchnyc #summer2016


Local Asparagus, Bottarga, Lemon Zabaglione @littleparknyc

Absolute tonight @noellescaggs @fitzandthetantrumsofficial @terminal5nyc

Fritz & The Tantrums crushing @terminal5nyc now@noellescaggs doing her thing

Lemon Spaghetti @locandaverde tonight#summer2016

Opening later this summer @thewilliamvale

Hand made everyday @locandaverde #cavatelli

The Cohen kids believe .... #216

Purple asparagus #magichour

This weekends ride #flatheads

Brooklyn kitchen @thewilliamvale along nicely. That's an Acunto oven from Naples on the floor.  #comingsoon

New Burger @lafayette380 tonightBurger au Poivre, Comte Cheese

#uberstories DC version

Date night with legend Bertrand Chemel. You might not know him but he has trained the best. #OG

Soft Shell Crab @thedutchnyc

Roast Sullivan County Chicken with Fava & Preserved Lemon @thedutchnyc

Congrats to my man @chefgripper for his Best Pastry Chef in Miami win today! Long time coming and so deserved



Tremont 12 AM #216

Rough crowd in South Cleveland

@cavs @warriors @iamkenfriedman #game4 BBQ @chefsymon

Off to Game 4 @cavs tomorrow so @jasehua oncrepes game fresh #9's #nib

Some classics are classic for a reasonDevils Food Cake, White Russian Ice Cream@thedutchnyc now and forever

Opening next monthJoin an already amazing opening teamof F & B professionals

On the pass @locandaverde

Amazing day @harlemgrown with @yankees making salad and picking lettuces with neighborhood kids #hopeweek

Negroni ... Frozen #negroniweek @barprimi

All lined up yolks on yolks@thedutchnyc

Cool Minty crunchy things @thedutchnyc

Little squid dudes filled with seafood goods ... Testing @locandaverde

Nduja on deck so we can eat some soon

I'll cook you breakfast

Afternoon just got better


Rainy Friday mood

@barprimi @salnapoli #summer2016


sapori et condimenti del Sud #terroni

@locandaverde All figged up...️

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