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January 2016

Attempting to figure it out #sundays

Our new BK digs later this year......

Tartare and things @littleparknyc

Sat vibes @lafayette380


The Smoked Turkey Sandwich @thedutchnyc #lunch

Introducing "THE ORANGE" @thedutchnyc Dreamsicle dreams with passion fruit, mandarin, vanilla cream, pistachio brittle

Dat burger @thedutchnyc ?

Breakfast @littleparknyc means good  things made with NY State Whole grains, the best jams and grass-fed butter

Pigs & Bunnies @locandaverde @trishphelps crushed it yet again

Says @grubstreet @nymag @salnapoli

I want to believe !

Original sketch by @stephenalesch @romanandwilliams @thedutchnyc He drew this by hand straight up in front of us 5 years ago. Insanely talented.

Lunchtime @littleparknyc means Beet Tartare

Stuffed meatballs @barprimi @salnapoli


Chefs minus @damianfranqui @adonayberns






Little meringues @delawareandhudson #blizzard16

1st Ave



@barprimi @thedutchnyc @lafayette380 @littleparknyc @locandaverde all open tonight. We will be here to feed you

Don't worry #NYC we're feeding you @thedutchnyc #blizzard16

State of Emergency? What's the big deal?

@thedutchnyc donut tree + blizzard + beer = good 🌲+  + ️🌬=

Stove GirlPlayer Extraordinaire Brunch GuySwinger

sripraphai life 🌶


Amazing back truffles this season #ACBT @locandaverde

View from the booth #Iggy

Awesome night at the mixing board @colbertlateshow tonight with audio engineer legend @harveyjgoldberg and @jonbatiste @joesaylor

@littleparknyc @_minkong

Turducken + Lasagna = Turducken Lasagna @thedutchnyc

Mimi apple pies @lafayette380 bakery today

This a new ravioli we have been making called a DOPPIO. That means double in Italian. Half pumpkin, Half Short Rib. It's also dope. Get it @locandaverde

Now playing

Strongozzi in the style of Norcia with grated fresh black truffle and a Feather Ridge Farm Organic egg yolk. Part of the ACBT menu @locandaverde all this month

Il biscotto primo non e mai perfetto @locandaverde

@jamiegreenwald @jasehua @salnapoli #Theboss

Lunch @lafayette380



Yeah.... Sat night


@atravelfoodie took this pic of a @locandaverde classic

Brunch @thedutchnyc today means Cheddar Biscuit, Smoked Chile Eggs, Country Ham, Roast Tomato

Real cooks @locandaverde

Rabbit Pot Pies @thedutchnyc new and improved this year are available on special with limited availability

Snowball @lafayette380

Food should bring pleasure@summerathena @thedutchnyc

No movie has influenced me more so tonight with bottle of Talisker here we go for the 2356th time

@suzie_myers made my DUTCH baby with pears .... Looking good

Pastry chef pint cup drinking set up @thedutchnyc @summerathena #vip

@salnapoli crushed the morning local TV game today @barprimi


Sunday Night Shellfish jusWhat you cooking?

Pg 243 in American Flavor for bestDUTCH BABIES. Made for rainy cold Sunday mornings


Tete de Veau @lafayette380

Sup brunch @barprimi

@chefconor took this pic @lafayette380 Croque is Dope

When the lights go down .....

Angry Bird coffee break @littleparknyc

Getting married? @lafayette380 @jenyeepastry got you covered

Little Oyster SandwichesA @thedutchnyc classic

Duck @locandaverde Winter menu

My Osso Buco recipe from page 193 in Urban Italian is what I'm cooking this weekend

Cold weather means garganelli @barprimi

Leftovers @emilyiguchi

The FRENCHIE at #Sausageboss @msg @nyrangers with the @greenportbrew crew

Nicoise Salad for lunch @lafayette380

Me and the boys will be opening up in Brooklyn at The William Vale Hotel hopefully sometime next summer. See you there. #NOHO

Fresh Fish


Brunch @thedutchnyc means donut treesBlackout, PB&J, Matcha

Ok, who's my squad tonight?

Nate scores. We win.

Going to be a great year



#Siberian #nye2016 #tradition

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