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November 2015

Also for #artbasel this week @chefgripper makes tonight's pie... Florida Blueberry with Carmel Popcorn Ice Cream

In Miami @thedutchmiami #artbasel

Studio time tonight on Fender P, McCarty PRS, Hammond B3 and a little cowbell channeling 3RDEYEGIRlL and a little Foghat

Rest easy #nyc the DOH is always working

Lunch @barprimi

Lunch @barprimi

No turkey tonight... Steak Frites instead

#thanksgiving @locandaverde means Truffle Ravioli #cheflife #NOHO


Hot & Sweet Glazed Turkey Wings @thedutchnyc #thanksgiving @jasehua @emilyiguchi cooked these 3 time and glazed with hot mustard and dill

Grateful for many things including our awesome teams, including these guys @thedutchnyc today. This Thanksgiving we will cook for about 2000 customers @thedutchnyc @locandaverde @lafayette380 @littleparknyc #NOHO #cheflife

La squadra @locandaverde


At @locandaverde this Thanksgiving (giorno del ringraziamentoio) @kierinbaldwin just blew my mind with this pumpkin tart. It's made with Long Island  Cheese Pumpkins and glaze with a syrup made with pumpkin guts and Jerez vinegar.

Squash Tart with Maple @littleparknyc for Thanksgiving #testing123

Thanksgiving @littleparknyc #testing123 Celery Gratin with Charred Leeks

Stuffed Squash for Thanksgiving 2015  @littleparknyc #testing123

Close up our Mugi Fuji pork cured and about to go in the smoker @thedutchnyc for our house bacon


Sunday afternoon vibes

Late breakfast of 🏅🏋 @lafayette380


Breakfast previously this morning @thedutchnyc

Friday night mood

This was a cool afternoon with Adele @joespub celebrating her first US performance here 7 years ago

This was great Radici 1997 Masterberadino


Fried Chicken @thedutchnyc

Lunch time @barprimi

Had this on pre-orderCan't wait to read

@kierinbaldwin @jenyeepastry @summerathena @daintyjpastries @chefgripper #pastrylife

Thanksgiving at @thedutchnyc this yearSpoonbread Stuffing with Andouille Sausage and Green Peppers

@adventureswithscaggs @noellescaggs knows what's up and what's up is my @doritedonuts @doritecollab donut THE PUMPKIN OVERLORD all this month

Smart and refined cooking @littleparknyc from @_minkong and team. This is Kohlrabi with figs, hazelnut and fresh garlic


Take your father-in-law to @_knicks_ game day today @msgnyc #sausageboss

Brunch @barprimi


We have 5 stands at @msgnyc called SAUSAGE BOSS. Here is the capo .... It takes someone from Napoli like @salnapoli father to do it

@nyknicks @msgnyc #sausageboss @cavs

Pies, Pies, Pies, yeah... We have all the Pies for Thanksgiving from the bakery at Lafayette just got to SHOP.LAFAYETTE.COM

Pasta haul this morning @barprimi #fattoamano

Professionals @lafayette380

Biscuits everyday @thedutchnyc

This is cooking @locandaverde


Not sure who on the team made this... But it's approved @thedutchnyc

Teaching Daryl Hall and Rick Nieisen what's up

Live at Daryl's House behind the scenes

This was good

1 year anniversary lunch for our amazing team @littleparknyc ! @_minkong @emcat309 @daintyjpastries @rensf4 @who_runs_bartertown @kgoceljak @theohski @julianosorios @coffeyanthony @jpickard44

It's amazing when you see things like this still going on in NOHO

Menu Box

Thanks for this sketch @soooeeun@barprimi

Been awhile since I had equipment envy... This Austrian flour mill at Stone Barns was so cool and I want one. Already planning Italian Job style break in.

Mom's 75th continues with a visit to the church of @chefdanbarber . Stone Barns is just next level

Mom just turned 75. She said she wanted to learn to rev match @cccmanhattan

The most calming place I know #Serra

Had to stop and see where Robert White recorded the guitar part for Keep Me Hanging On #funkbrothers

What's better than breakfast for lunch?

Vernon's Nation #midwest

World Tour


Short order cooking is a lost art. Some of the best chefs out there will go down big time faced with a line of breakfast tickets

Introducing THE PUMPKIN OVERLORDMy colab donut with @doritedonuts in Chicago and coordinated by queen @noellescaggs @adventureswithscaggs The PUMPKIN OVERLORD crushes any Pumpkin Spice dreams you might have. What up BRANDY GLAZE!?

#currentmood Going to be a great day

Happy Birthday Luke Ostrom

America is beautiful. Let's rebuild it

America is beautiful......You should discover it

Font study #5

Thanksgiving eclairs happening @lafayette380

All NY State multigrain waffles @littleparknyc pic care of @lefooding

Fall @lafayette380

Good morning @lafayette380

Cocktail time @littleparknyc This is the Old Alobar made with Gin

#currentmood #serra


Yeah, mmmm .... Prezles @lafayette380

At a baseball game #5 #harvey

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