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September 2015

Working late so you don't have to

@barprimi celebrating Michelin stuff with French people @salnapoli @justinsievers #milanese

Foie Gras party time OG madness @lafayette380 @mikematteo87

Street is talking....

Nadel made me do it ....

Sick menu flow for next weeks Scotch dinner @thedutchnyc with @cccmanhattan venison going to be nice with Highland Park 25 @jasehua

Stole this from someone... Thought it was dope

Pinch hitting in NYC @chefconor @lafayette380

#supermoon was real

Here's to you

Days getting shorter


#ouevos I cook for you

"The light music of whiskey falling into a glass—an agreeable interlude.”

Tonight.... Gnocchi

I knew it...

All about that life

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Ingredients matter....Montauk Monkfish & Shinnecock squid

Everything ok ?

Getting ready at #msg #pregame

Tonight me & @_minkong @littleparknyc raised 50 K for the good work @edibleschoolyard that will be used for projects in the South Bronx @bonappetitmag

Sunset NYC

Lamb Meatball Sliders#classics @locandaverde

Hey @barprimi

Menu testing @thedutchnyc #fall




About the serve 2000 @locandaverde Lemon Ricotta Pancakes to the good people of Portland @feastportland

Great food and Hospitality... Thanks for rec @naomipomeroy



Porchetta opps with @damianfranqui

@woodsmantavern situation

Work hard, Go Hard #NOHO

Custard King

Porcetta is served #feastPDX

Mad crew love tonight for #feastPDX colab dinner @avagenes  @jj__mc @crob76 @salnapoli @damianfranqui

Don't post coffee pics on principle but this macchiato @romancandlebaking ......Seriously man

Kicking it in PDX with Damien & Sal

Join the team....Email me

the KFC, Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich @thedutchmiami

Pascale & Mario @thedutchmiamiLegends of Miami dining #305 #wsobe

Breakfast vibes at The Dutch in Miami

mad tennis game face

#demstreets @salnapoli

3:38 PM


Porgies tonight

Morning mussels at low tide

Fresh dug baby yams man

Custom ....

Warren G and Young Guns pasta knowledge...." you can't be any geek off the street. You got to be handy with the steel..."


By @alabama_shakes via @RepostWhiz app:Many thanks to @andrewcarmellini, @drewchason and @thedutchnyc for the hospitality and incredible meal last night! This picture doesn't lie, it's as good as it looks. Such a fun post @colbertlateshow meal and hang!(#RepostWhiz app)

Historic date @colbertlateshow with @drewchason tonight

Historic date night first show @colbertlateshow with @drewchason.


#endofsummer people. Time to work

Best $15 I spent all day

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Going for a drive and get rid of this head cold #gt4

old is good #design

Saturday afternoons #hero

#summer #getit


Aldo is on the job thank God

Late summer goodness tonight @thedutchnyc

Hello old friend.... Sheep Milk Ricotta, from the Pinna brothers in Sardinia... @locandaverde

Legends of New York City dining.....Emily Iguchi @thedutchnyc

Legends of New York City dining.... Emily Iguchi @theduchnyc

Tart du Jour @lafayette380 bakery #summer #getit

3 PM

Current @lafayette380 bakery testing for Fall situations

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