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August 2015

Portobello Melt @barprimi Like a 1982 Italian-American time machine but way better


Ladies night

Man cave

Sup, tomato salad

Sup, shisito

Smooth sailing

Hanger Steak, Kimchi Fried Rice, Farm Egg @thedutchnyc

What up breakfast @lafayette380

Chocolate Tart (but so much more) @thedutchnyc

Gazpacho with Nectarines, late summer edition @thedutchnyc

So proud of the @littleparknyc team in this weeks New Yorker!!! @_minkong @daintypastries @coffeyanthony

Close up of a Silver Slicer, a variety of white cucumber

Suffolk County stuff

Success on clams #snappers

#summer #getit

Uncle Andrew by Annie #diamondsinthesky #ridethelightning


My 14 year old niece @shmabo is a budding food photographer cc @bonappetite @foodandwine @danielkrieger

This is dinner tonight.....also the Shorter Oxford says the first recorded use of "fluke" in the sense "a successful stroke made by accident or chance" is in 1857, and suggests that it derives either from a dialect word meaning "guess/miss in fishing" or is a pun on another meaning of "fluke", viz. "flounder" (the flatfish) - in other words, if you make a fluke, you're just floundering and your success is just due to luck

@jasehua keeping our work on the vernacular of American cooking moving forward @thedutchnycTonight ....Longfin Squid Chow Fun@docktodish @emilyiguchi


Danish is the word @lafayette380

All good tonight @lafayette380

Toujours Parfait

@kierinbaldwin is back to work @locandaverde !!!!!Sweet Corn, Frutta di Bosco, Sesame

New England Clam Bake Toast from @jasehua @thedutchnyc #summer #getit

Blues on Ice

Mom at work #nofo

2 PM


Dad checking my summer ride #63

Taste the Rainbow

Sometimes, you need to sit down in your own place

Hot outside.....

Manhattan dining 1953

@joshuanadel really does have impeccable style

Tomato & Melon. Lunch @thedutchnyc

The drink of summer 2015Hedrick's Gin, tonic, lemon syrup, lemon thyme, Kirby cucumbers

@thedutchmiami @wsobe

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