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June 2015

Let's all wish @emilyiguchi Happy Birthday!

Wild Salmon & Radish @littleparknyc

Every Wednesday in July @thedutchmiami#bestofthebeach

Lunch @littleparknycPic @hungrycarly

#rip to a legend, Chris Squire, hero to prog geeks everywhere


Good morning @lafayette380



@emilyiguchi + pineapple

Hey, @jamiegreenwald got married !!

Beast Mode

Thanks @cshepherd13 @sachsmo @kristincohen @saveurmag Great night!

Lunch @locandaverde

@barprimi life

Oh, what up lunch @locandaverde

@littleparknyc and @lyonsmy looking good on NYT cover today about downtown restaurant scene. Also @locandaverde

The triumphant return of the ASIAN WHITE BOY RIBS@thedutchnyc@@saveurmag@jasehua @sachsmo

Il pettine, is one of my favorite pasta tools. This one I have had for 20 years and bought when I lived in Emilia Romagna. Use them to make garganelli by placing a small square around a bastoncino and rolling it over, making a quill shape. #pastatools

@barprimi @salnapoli

@littleparknyc breakfast

We're off roading... Then going to eat some caviar rolls at Masa

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Officially toughest workout of my life #Mohave

Who knows what this is?

Press play ... #soundthehorns

100% Grass Fed Burger @littleparknyc


Broccolli @littleparknyc

@kennethcole took this pic @barprimi

Where Hodor at?

It's hot out...The Matchaboodle @thedutchnyc

Fresh-Smoked Salmon Benedict @lafayette380 #brunch

It's B-52's vs Devo tonight @joespub @publictheaterny This show is a blast

@littleparknyc @_minkong looking good in Monocle in the airport this morning

And Happy Anniversary to my #1 girl #16

Carmellini garden looking good

@wendycohen1 @shmabo #216

We're here in C-Town GAME 4 with Ben Cohen! #216 #Cavs

I love these things!!Cc @emilyiguchi

New on lunch @littleparknyc is the BEST summer sandwich, Banh Mi

So many great Christopher Lee roles, but my all time fav is Lord Summerisle in The Wicker Man #RIP

My grandmother's ravioli started as a Sunday night special I ran some times when I was the CDC at Cafe Boulud. It has been on the opening menu at @locandaverde since we opened in 2009. We have served 235,000 orders since then. It's the simple stuff.


Asparagus with Green Curry and Almonds @littleparknyc

Kampachi @thedutchnyc for lunch

Done cooking, now we make anthems

Digging this shot @barprimi by @yijiagu@salnapoli



Desert ! @jasehua @jenyeepastry

Huge congrats to Luke and @jacquedburke from me and @gwen_hyman


Green Pasta Shells @thedutchnyc #nofilter

Let's all wish Paul Carmellini Happy 80th.Still looking good!

Breakfast @littleparknyc

It's important to pay respect to the masters... Masoto is leaving and NYC is lesser because

NY Mag puts our burger @thedutchnyc in the NYC top 50 this week 🐄

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