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February 2015

Vieille Vignes

"The moon is out, the Stars invite, I'll think I'll leave tonight" Billy CorganSee ya Chicago

@shanisuperstar @jasehua team @thedutchnyc at tonight's #chefs4kids event

Italian white truffle humor ....

Menu development @littleparknyc Salumi of Florida Avocado

We made a couple pigs from @locandaverde for the #bakitchen party last night @bonappetitmag

Best crew ever!! Post @bonappetitmag

Goofballs... @bonappetitmag

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Sometimes friend will bring whiskey or wine as a gift to a new opening. Sometimes they bring Hokkaido Uni.

Wrecking crew #sobewff

Art Smith's Coconut Pie... Amazing@lesleyvan

You need to understand that Charles Gabriel from Charles Pan Fried Chicken in Harlem is here. This is huge. He brought one of his 3 cast iron skillets on the plane with him wrapped in a blanket. Understand. #chickencoupe @thedutchmiami @wsobe #sobewff

@daletalde #chickencoupe BK fried

Legend.... Frank Stitt @highlandsbarandgrill !!! #chickencoupe #sobewff

One of my favorites... Robert from Hominy Grill in Charleston #sobewff #chickencoupe

Lunch @thedutchmiami #sobewff

Biscuit Towers of Power for my #chickencoupe party @thedutchmiami @wsobe @chefgripper #sobewff

Morning run .... #305

AZ knows what's up @thedutchmiami #SOBEFW

Miami bound #SOBEFW We bring our own "chicken seasoning mix"@damienfranqui #TSA


@chef_aaronsanchez photo  #305@thedutchmiami @chefconor @joshgripper @drewchason


Proper Mardi Gras @thedutchnyc

OG Mafia stopped by #mardigras #runthejewels

@thedutchnyc #mardigras

Gumbo expert @emilyiguchi @thedutchnyc

Mardi Gras Crew @thedutchnyc

Best night is tonight @thedutchnyc


Drinking paradise .....

NATO game tight


@lafayette380 Cakes @jenyeepastry

"Amore, amore, che schiavitù l'amore"Happy San Valantino from all of us @barprimi

Also @emilyiguchi @salnapoli @_minkong @daintyjpastries just know. Thank you all!!

Truly Epic birthday lunch @delposto. Thanks @chefmarkladner @workingpastry

My cartoon cation should have won this week @NewYorker hahhaha #conspiracy

Good Night @thedutchnyc

50/50 martini check. Caviar check, @thedutchnyc @jasehua @emilyiguchi

Ahhh birthdays ......look forward to future, remember the past. Here is New Mexico 1996

2AM at Cosme, Mezcal and The Gang

If you haven't scene the Rock Bottom show @joespub yet, your missing out

Back before the Internet ....

One of my favorite nights of the year is Mardi Gras at The Dutch. This Feb 17th we got chicken-fried boudin balls, my seafood gumbo, fricasee, banana foster crepes, live music@from People's Champs,, bead girls and sazeracs. Call 212-677-6200 to reserve

Celery Root. We have been thinking a lot about it at #Little Park. A couple dishes on the winer menu including Celery Root Pastrami with Sweet Mustard

Meanwhile @locandaverde this morning

Things for brunch @thedutchnyc @summerathena

Mostly what I do between 12-2AM #thecrown

I can respectively suggest this pairing with the burger at The Bar NOMAD

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#locandaverde 3:48 PM

Late last night @lafayette380

vieux cognac

You can order all kinds of awesome-beautiful-tasty things ONLINE from @lafayette380 for Valentines Day !!

Hello old friend #booty

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