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December 2013

#nye14 kicking in style with chef Dan

mise en place #NYE14

NYE at @thedutchmiami


this ....

You go Florida !

clearly @stellateller had a good Christmas/Chanukah

Chef Dan

New Years 2014

not Santa Barbara but......



Fancy Christmas  Grapefruit Sorbet with Ginger Go Mom!!

Welcome delivery for Christmas. Thanks @PierlessFishBK

Lafayette Bass on cover of @travelandliesure Nest New Restaurants

Pastry game strong #locandaverdeMeyer Lemon Semifreddo with Grapefruit and Campari

#christmas cookie Sunday night #locandaverde

Party time #thedutchnyc

smart brunch moves @thedutchnyc

Thanks @ronrosselli for all the years of work and friendship. The gang with Elio Altare in Barolo in 07

Happy Holidays from me, Luke, Josh and all the good people atLocanda VerdeThe DutchLafayetteThe Dutch in MiamiThe Library Lounge Joes Pub

This guy #grandjones

Good times on @kellyandmichael cooking Christmas Pork Roast with Cherry Whiskey Sauce

The Dutch NYC action

I promise good times New Years Eve 2014 at @lafayette 380

Rabbit Pot Pie #thedutchnyc


Showtime @joespub


"Everything" pancakes &dill-cured Skuna Bay salmon #thedutchnyc

Spaghetti Nicoise care of @salnapoli @lafayette380

Hello old friend

Lafayette holiday oranges

Lafayette tonight via @jamiegreenwald

Ravioli #locandaverde tonight

The Dutch

Bonne Fete

Snowy day brunch @lafayette380

fusilli with tripe amatriciana #thedutchnyc tonight

This is a Golden Crab wrapped in Kombu,  now cooked in ash#thedutchnyc

Gingerbread Trees @lafayette380

Instagram Image

Name the restaurant menu cover and get dinner on me#culinarytrivia


New Jersey Pancake knowledge at Original Pancake House in Ft Lee

Golden Crab

Big eyes means deep water .... Real deep

Just need some eggs

Tuna Temple

Sayori season

Early morning Bluefin lessons w Dutch, Lafayette and Locanda crews

Some Silex and Corton at The Dutch tonight


Locanda Verde Pastry Train

Name the movie

Instagram Image

Damn... Toasted Coconut Layer Cake, lime and Rum Raisin Ice Cream #thedutch

Jesus.... Lasagne #thedutch tonight

Souche de Noel #lafayette


Scallop Shell @thedutchmiami


Partytime. This week we will cook for 10000 people @thedutchmiami @wsobe

Ai Weiwei

Calder's grandson FYI

#pie #artbasel

@olliesthirsty makes the trip south

I hate unicorns


Around us ....

Art Basel starts now

Michel Guérard

Ok here is a piece of NYC Culinary history Le Cirque menu 1989 with @DanielBoulud hand written notes on it

I can't take the heat

Jean Louis Palladin 2000

to all the killas and the hundred dollar billasLocanda Verde

Le Cirque #vintage

Lespinasse 1993

Sunday reading

Locanda Verde opening day

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